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🎉Welcome to the $350,000 Kelp Giveaway!🚀

10 lucky winners will secure $35,000 in $KELP each!

Refer for Increased Winning Opportunities

To qualify, ensure $100 participation in Kelp Presale.


How to Participate:

🔹Step 1: Download the Kelp mobile app🔹

🔹Step 2: Enter the Giveaway

Tap the Giveaway button in the mobile app

$350k Giveaway

Tap Enter Wallet Address to register into the Giveaway using the Kelp wallet or a different wallet address

🔹Step 3: Refer and earn entries🔹

Send your referral link to others or use in-person referrals.

🌟That's it!🌟

Your entries are tracked seamlessly so you can focus on referrals and watch your entries grow!


For every $100 you invest or have invested in the Kelp Presale, you'll gain 1 entry.

Earn 1 additional entry for every successful referral you make.

Don't miss this opportunity to claim $35,000 worth of KELP!🌟

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